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Window Cleaning London Welcome to windowcleaning.net, home to the best window cleaning company in London. We offer a full service of affordable window cleaning for everything from residential properties to high rise commercial buildings. Call us today for a free quote. Our professional window cleaners are available throughout the London area at competitive prices and are expert in a variety of window cleaning techniques to ensure the best quality service is always provided. Our access methods include The Reach and Wash system is one of the more advanced techniques that we use. To ensure that the water is completely pure before it washes the window it goes through a filtration system which will de-ionise the water. This results in a finish which is spot and streak-free. It is also an environmentally friendly technique as no chemical residues will be left behind, which in addition means that the windows will stay clean for longer since there will be nothing for the dirt to cling to. Reach and Wash is cost-effective because it can be applied from the ground, meaning expensive equipment need not be needed to reach high windows.