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Who Are We

washing window panesWashinger Window Cleaning is excellence, hard work, and results. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of professional cleaning companies in London today. And to be considered among the very best at what you do is not only a great honour but also much to account for.

We specialize in high-quality window washing solutions for homeowners, large corporate clients, family-run businesses and retail customers of any scope. Our team is not afraid to take on any job, regardless of the logistical challenges or the sheer volume of the task. We have both the manpower and the expertise to deal with large-scale Reach and Wash cleaning projects.

Speaking of manpower, we are proud to work with some of the most dedicated, driven and result-oriented professionals in our field in London and Surrey. They share Washinger’s drive to excel and to improve, to learn and to deliver, to go where other do not dare.

In our Service section, you can check all the methods and procedure we can offer to our London customers. The sheer versatility of our portfolio should convince you how seriously we look at our job and to what extremes we are willing to go in order to meet all our customers’ requirements.

What makes us the best window cleaning choice for your home and business?

  • Our staff – includes experts with great professional integrity and knowledge, not afraid of any cleaning challenge.
  • Our technical portfolio – combines cutting-edge technology and innovations with proven traditional methods for hassle-free results.
  • Our quality control and standard policy – we run regular screenings and check-ups to make sure all your requirements are met.
  • Our tailor-made approach – we look at every single case and assess it according to its peculiar requirements and features.
  • We are reliable and easy-going – the partner you have been looking for to take care of the window cleaning.



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